untitled three

Untitled three
made with Guy Sherwin
super-8 colour sound 5min. London

Images of a young couple on a sunlit train; variations of light and colour affect our understanding of what we see. Filmed in super 8, optically printed to 16mm film and digitally edited.

Simple gestures, motion of the train, an enclosed setting, repetition – all contribute to a rich sensibility. As the viewer, we may envisage a space we’re invited to share, we may feel a closeness with the protaganists. Or we may be wary of the film’s gaze, as unobstrusive as that may be, we may desire a more cynical point of view. Is this romanticism overload?

The film reminds me of haiku poetry, in that a few well chosen images are able to convey a depth of meaning. It does not simply suspend a notion, it offers reassurance. – Ooni Peh