newsprint #2

Newsprint #2 
2x 16mm projection performance b/w optical sound c. 9-12 mins. London
Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo each on a 16mm projector with freeze-frame.
Film made by Guy Sherwin. Choreography collaboration with Lynn Loo on 2x 16mm projection performance.

This performance version from further animates the newspaper text by using intermittent projection, pausing and re-starting the film on its way through the projector. The pauses allow us to read chance fragments of the newspaper.

In performing the work two identical prints are shown superimposed with a slight difference in image size, which varies throughout the performance. The projectionists attempt to bring the two films into synchronisation with each other by alternately freezing and running the films. During these brief periods of synchronisation something unexpected happens as a result of the slight misregistration of the two identical images and of their accompanying sounds. – G.S.