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Artist talks and ran film workshops with Guy Sherwin at RMIT University at Melbourne (Australia) Queensland College of Arts. Brisbane (Australia) and The Film Archive in Wellington (New Zealand).

Artist talks and screenings in March and August at LASALLE College of Arts (Singapore)

Artist talk with Guy Sherwin at University of Michigan Ann Arbor (USA)

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REALTIME ARTS - Magazine - issue 87 - MIFF 2008_ lo-tech brilliance. Oct-Nov 2008 “Vowels and Consonants was a piece for six projectors that screened variations on a simple, flickering font printed from computer onto acetate and then transferred to film. O’s and E’s fly into frame like amoeba under a microscope, vibrating and oscillating in response, seemingly, to the treated voices that announce their arrival; I’m sure the letters were triggering sound somehow. Sherwin and Loo manipulate the projectors to introduce fades, cuts and cross-fades matching the overlapping effect of the voice. The letters fold and bounce off each other. The overall effect is synaesthetic, like you’re actually watching sound take shape (and in fact the sound design was really something too—an ominous, post-industrial hum).”



Artist talk and screening with Guy Sherwin at FAMU Prague (Czech Republic)

Concordia University Montreal (Canada)

Ran film workshop with Guy Sherwin at WORM.filmwerkplaats Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Artist talk and screening at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

   Women's Open Space III - Film: Perspective



THE WIRE issue 259 September. “… The night’s most inventive film, Lynn Loo and Guy Sherwin’s Vowels and Consonants, sets dozens of monochrome letters in mesmerizing motion across the screen. A they spill onto the floor and ceiling, the characters burn into your retina as if written in the air with a sparkler. …”



Fellowship 8-week residency at The Macdowell Colony. Peterborough, New Hampshire USA.


"... Yi-Wei Loo offers fleeting but eerily vivid impressions of her childhood in Singapore, emphasizing the abstract patterns created by the sights and sounds." CHICAGO READER April issue. Review on Unfinished Symphony.



Ann Louise Raymond Fellowship presented by The School of the Art Institute of Chicago


2001 Canadian International Film Festival One Star Award for independent film

project “Unfinished Symphony”


The UBYSSEY: "And The Dance Goes On, the first film of the night, starts with a silent image of black-and-white lion dancers accompanied by the sound of frying food in a wok, familiar to most Chinese people. But the film goes on to talk about the concept of being Chinese. Director Yi-Wei Loo interviews five 'Chinese' people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and the USA and shows us that divisions exist. One interviewee thought being called Chinese was offensive because he was from Hong Kong, not Mainland China. Many do not want to associate themselves with a country that still has a reputation of repression. The film tried to push the message that all of them are 'dancing the same dance,' that they are all Chinese, regardless of differences. It's a statement that really hits home with those who feel out of place within a huge societal melting pot." Ancilla Chui. 2000