mobius loops


Looped film 3x 16mm projection performance (stacked) or 5x16mm projectors (lateral), optical sound, multiple speakers and colour gels 12 - 15 mins b/w & colour optical sound

Film made by Guy Sherwin. choreography collaboration with Lynn Loo on multiple film projection performances. Sound mix Lynn Loo


A performance work for multiple projectors in which the starting point is my sound & image experiments of the 70s. The film and sound material was prepared in one simple action by bleaching away the side of a length of black leader, leaving a clear strip running along its length. The film has two sets of perforations and is twisted into a loop, known as a Mobius Loop. On projection, the strip of projected light switches from side to side, followed by a change in tone of the sprocket holes. Three 16mm projectors lie on their sides, and the loops are projected onto the screen as stacked blocks of light, gradually coloured by gels. The performance also makes use of the sound tone controls of the three projectors.

First performed at Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle 2007 with sound mix by Lynn Loo. - G.S.