recent works first :

leaving and arriving  1min video


washi loop for Unit 1 gallery  3x 16mm film projection performance with optical sound


washi loops


washi mm  3x 16mm film projection performance with optical sound


Bamboo #1  Digital back projection


washi #3  Installation for 16mm loop projection


autumn in my garden  1min video


washi #2  2x 16mm film projectors


washi #1


end rolls #2  HD video


fine art cinema  2-channel installation


walk from work to station  1min video


a study


autumn fog  2x 16mm projection colour silent


end rolls  4x/3x 16mm projectors and light sensitive microphones colour sound


routemaster  1min video


how long


S[I]GNS  5x16mm film projection b/w optical sound and voice


mobius loops  Looped film 3x/5x 16mm projection performance (stacked), optical sound, multiple speakers and colour gels


abrasion loops  2x 16 mm film projection performance colour optical sound


sound cuts  6x 16mm film projection performance with optical sound


newsprint #2  2x 16mm projection performance b/w optical sound


vowels and consonants  6x 16mm film projection b/w optical sound


vowels 2x 16mm projection b/w optical sound


untitled three  super-8 colour sound


a soldier on leave travelling home  6min 2004/2006 video sound


O  16mm b/w sound


train ride with mum  DV colour sound


railway  DV colour sound


taunt  DV b/w silent


history  super-8 colour silent


floating  DV colour silent


forlorn  DV colour silent


a love story  super-8 colour sound


unfinished symphony  super-8 & 16mm colour & b/w


and the dance goes on  super-8 colour sound


untitled two  16mm b/w & colour silent


untitled one  16mm b/w silent