without years
The selected films in this programme convey a distinct impression in the craft of artist filmmakers working in their chosen medium.

lights, camera, action!
A celebration of colour in this full 16mm film programme. Every filmmaker in this programme is skilled and sensitive with the tools of their art. That art includes camera techniques, interventions in the darkroom, manipulations in the printing and attention to projection presentation. The independent exploration of colour by each artist has shown us that there is still much more to discover on celluloid.

flicker orchestrated 2: expanded cinema
Expanded Cinema is an experience. It is an event, an encounter, a happening of the moving image and of sound.
Multiple-screen works will be presented as live events in the presence of their technology both 16mm and video projectors.

fine art cinema
This programme sets out to explore the elements of cinema, both in its production processes and through the live presentation of the works in the cinema theatre.

intimate journey for Cogcollective
Taking the same theme from the original – Intimate Journeys, this programme is put together for Cogcollective screening at Candid Arts London on Sept 3rd 2006 7pm. It was also later screened in Daylesford, Melbourne Australia.

intimate journey
Films suggesting journeys independently travelled and intimately filmed. Tonight’s programme brings a variety of ideas and expressions unique to each individual filmmaker’s experience, on the theme of a personal journey.