and the dance goes on


super-8 colour sound 8 minutes. Singapore/Chicago 2000


For centuries we have celebrated the same new year, cultural festivals and share the same traditions. In the view of the younger generation, why is there still this thin line defined with China? Five individual Chinese students from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and USA have their point of views on cultural issues with the mainland.


For Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2001,The Ubyssey review: "And The Dance Goes On, the first film of the night, starts with a silent image of black-and-white lion dancers accompanied by the sound of frying food in a wok, familiar to most Chinese people. But the film goes on to talk about the concept of being Chinese. Director Yi-Wei Loo interviews five 'Chinese' people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and the USA and shows us that divisions exist. One interviewee thought being called Chinese was offensive because he was from Hong Kong, not Mainland China. Many do not want to associate themselves with a country that still has a reputation of repression. The film tried to push the message that all of them are 'dancing the same dance,' that they are all Chinese, regardless of differences. It's a statement that really hits home with those who feel out of place within a huge societal melting pot." Ancilla Chui (